Question: I am interested to find out why you treat colds and flu with weeds and seeds stuff…is it really scientifically proven?

Answer: Consider the following: Nearly 36,000 people in the U.S. die every year from the common flu. Most strains of flu are resistant to flu medications, and flu shots do not give any guarantee of effectiveness, either. Unfortunately, when it comes to treating colds and viruses, modern medicine has little to offer so, with each passing year, more and more people turn to “weeds and seeds.”

So what specifically allows nature to resist pathogens for thousands of years whereas modern medicine is rendered more and more ineffective so quickly?

Actually, it’s quite simple – or more accurately, quite complex. Drugs are essentially one-dimensional, allowing microbes an easy path to morph around them. Natural anti- pathogens are anything but… They often contain dozens of biochemicals that work synergistically. Not all “active,” but many of the so-called non-active biochemicals work to potentiate the active ones and offer biochemical combinations numbering in the millions – presenting a complexity that makes it virtually impossible for microbes to work around.

Resistance to the modern medicines spreads rapidly. The latest treatment involves mixing cocktails of antibiotics and anti-virals to help. The irony is this is closer to the way natural substances avoid the resistance problem, too. Consider garlic as an example. When raw garlic is crushed, the enzyme alliinase immediately converts non- active alliin into the active ingredient allicin, which can break down into more than 100 biologically active sulfur-containing compounds. While allicin may still serve as a general marker of garlic’s potency, research increasingly points to S-allylcysteine and other compounds as the most therapeutically active ingredients in garlic. In fact, hundreds have been identified as natural anti-viral compounds. And, when you put these compounds together, how many possible pathogenic defense combinations can you get from garlic’s 100 biologically active compounds? A whole bunch!!! The complexity is just far too much for pathogens to evolve around.

The next time you have the typical flu symptoms of sore throat, fever, chills, cough, and aches and pains, consider the power of alternative medicine.

The information contained in this article is for information and education purposes only and is not medical advice. Do not use this information as an alternative to obtaining medical advice from your physician or other professional healthcare provider. Always consult with your physician or other professional healthcare provider about any medical conditions you are experiencing. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, contact your local emergency services for help.


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